Thunder Guitar Loops V2 (Acoustic Guitar Loops) - Thunder Samples

Thunder Guitar Loops V2 (Acoustic Guitar Loops)

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What You Get:

- Thunder Guitar Loops V2 is 100% Royalty Free
- 8 completely original and unique acoustic guitar compositions, ready to be looped, chopped, or processed (loops between 4 - 8 bars) 
- 28 individual files
- Instant digital download
- Comes in mono WAV (Use both files for stereo)
- Compatible with any DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Studio One, etc.) 
- Instant download after purchase


Thunder Guitar Loops V2

1. "Innocent" 80 Bpm G min
2. "Follow Me" 90 Bpm F# min
3. "Innocent Variation 1" 80 Bpm G min
4. "Soul" 80 Bpm E min
5. "Rise Up" 85 Bpm F# min
6. "Acoustic Bounce" 85 Bpm E min
7. "Sad Arpeggio" 140 Bpm E min
8. "Spicy" 107 Bpm A min
9. "Sunshine" 84 Bpm C# maj
*you´ll get the dry stems (without effects)

I´ve used 2 different microphones, one placed near the 12th fret and the other one a little further back near the neck. Each loop comes with both files.

Send us your beats on instagram @thundersamples or via mail to We´ll proudly share them with our community!